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Free Video Cutter Joiner

Free Video Cutter Joiner10.8

Video Cutter Joiner Software Road Tested

The publishers of Free Video Cutter Joiner claim that it is the easiest video cutting and joining software around.

Primarily designed for people who want to cut a large video file, so as to remove unwanted sections such as commercials, it can also be used as a rudimentary editing software package, if wanted, too. The software can also be used for getting rid of out takes from video you have shot yourself.

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  • Veselin Venkov

    by Veselin Venkov

    Реже некоректно. Губят се звук и кадри. Пълен боклук.........

  • Ellora Baliarsinha

    by Ellora Baliarsinha

    easy for make remix for dance programmes and competitions, and user friendly

  • Minh Le

    by Minh Le

    cat noi video rat nhanh va giu duoc chat luong video nhung doi khi cung bi nhoe hinh anh va am thanh bi re mac du cat gian tiep cung vay

  • Dhana Sekar

    by Dhana Sekar

    video cutter is very useful for education, and other useful activities.

  • Veniamin Magnet

    by Veniamin Magnet

    Not have function switch portret or landscape video format (((

  • grace jebaseelan

    by grace jebaseelan

    nice. this app very usfull and work very easy.easy learn.any vedio cutting sembel.

  • Wo Tak

    by Wo Tak

    Adware(according to my antivirus). Antivirus has found adware and blocked the software from being installed. Pros: adware. Cons: Remove adware

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Good. very impressive and easy to work with. It fulfills the purpose without any hassle. Pros: simplicity. Cons: nothing to comment

  • by Anonymous

    Good freeware but not powerful. Good freeware but not powerful,I like Gilisoft Video Editor to cut and join video files.

  • Gavin Cooper

    by Gavin Cooper

    Needs to add preview function.. Two cutting modes for you to choose, cutting video is good, lacks preview.

  • by Anonymous

    it's not trimming video accurately.. waste software, not working properly. not trimming accurately, some videos not even trimming. Cons: acurate trimming. video playing

  • by Anonymous

    Bogus Fishing data, never opened single file for editing,. Bogus Fishing data through survey, once u given data purpose is served, never opened single file for editing, Please don't waist your time. Cons: Never opened file to edit only you can see "invalid file" message. of no use use for a user

  • by Anonymous

    Expert-Performer.. Its really helpful easy and b performer. Thanks for this wonderful product.

  • by Anonymous

    Exellent!. Small, easy for use, light and fast. Simple interface. Work without encoding.

  • by Anonymous

    having virus . my anti virus saying that there is a malware/adware with this software which can damaged my PC or can collect my personal data. so i am uninstalling now. is there any software free video cutter-joiner available? Pros: pls give virus free software. Cons: pls give virus free software

  • by Anonymous

    Totally recommend. Very easy to use. Reliable. I am not usually good with this kind of stuff, but this took 10 seconds to learn. Totally recommend. Pros: Easy to use. Quick. Cons: Comes with a little annoying survey. That is all.

  • by Anonymous

    Cut avi files very well. Useful and easy to use, thanks. I cut avi files very well and speed is fast. Pros: Speed is so fast. Cons: No

  • by Anonymous

    cut mp4 file very well. very useful for me, it is very simple to use thanks. worked for me

  • by Anonymous

    Ugly, but it works.. I downloaded this software to join two .vob files from a DVD into one single file. The software successfully joined the two files, but the output was very jerky. However, when I used converted versions of the .vob files as a last resort, the result was flawless. The only real problem I have with this program is its buttons. The buttons seem to be low-resolution, highly-compresMore

  • by Anonymous

    worked for me. It worked fine on an avi file I tried. Timing was still perfect. Very quick. Just didn't like the ads that almost got installed.

  • by Anonymous

    a better try?. developers can please try better before fulling all app with adds. No preview+ No able to set accurate timing+ crushes on the first cut. i just loose 5 minutes to try.. Pros: no pros yet. Cons: too much addons for nothing..crashes on the first try (cut of mp4)